About Happy Tails

Happy Tails started off like many things as a dream, an idea, a place I used to think about when I was a child and from then I went about making this dream happen.  I wanted somewhere where animals could live freely and be happy guess I was trying to make Narnia happen on earth an impossible dream but I think we are getting there.  My love of animals started as soon as I could crawl after them and then it carried on and expanded through my life.  It was always there no matter what field I worked in but it was always the most important thing to me.  I had a bond from an early age with animals.   I was hooked and it continued and grew and my own dogs live with me as part of my family and that is the way it is and how it will always be.  

Things progressed as they do and we finally got this beautiful place in Lanesborough which to me was perfect for Happy Tails.  I currently am owned by 5 Old English Sheepdogs who are amazing dogs who give so much to me.  We go to Dog Shows have done a lot of promotions for Dulux but the main thing is we have the best fun when we are together.  They continue to amaze me with the things they do all the time.  You never know what will happen next when you have a dog.  So Happy Tails is about all things that my own dogs like, which is why other dogs love it here so much.