Welcome to Happy Tails

Happy Tails is a fun place for your dogs and cats to go on their holidays.  They will be well looked after.    You can relax knowing that your best friend is being well looked after and is also having a great holiday.  The whole place has been designed to make sure that our guests are comfortable and are happy.  Happy Tails is based in Lanesborough, Co Longford which makes it accessible from Lanesborough-Ballyleague- Strokestown- Tulsk- Castlerea - Boyle- Ballymahon-Edgeworthstown- Longford-Kenagh- Killashee- Roscommon- Athlone - Mullingar.  We also do offer a collection and delivery service.  Our guests are well looked after in really comfortable sleeping areas with large runs and are walked twice daily.  We also encourage socialisation of our guests which is supervised in one of our many large play areas.  All our guests are out playing and socialising as much as possible.  We are constantly improving our facilities for our guests and are hoping to add a covered play area to Happy Tails in the future to provide an All Year no matter what the weather play facility.  If the weather is bad at the moment each guest has their own outdoor covered run which keeps them protected from the bad weather.  Happy Tails is situated on a 3 acre site which also has access to loads of country walks for our guests.  Everything here in Happy Tails is based on years of experience with our own pets and the whole place is designed around what they like and what makes them happy and comfortable. 

Play Areas

We have Nine large secure play areas for our guests to play in and we also have a large field for running and football. This ensures that all dogs get maximum time out and about playing. We also are able to cater for dogs who are nervous of other dogs by letting them have their own play area. All dogs are also walked daily and all play is supervised. We have recently upgraded our play areas to include two new All Weather Play Areas.

Contact us

To get in touch with us, simply leave us a message using our Contact page, and we'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. You can contact us by phone on 083 0037577 or 043 3330804 or by email. Due to the nature of the business the animals in our care are our priority so we will contact you as soon as we can.



31.10.2022 13:46

Have you availability from 11 nov till 4 Jan
For very quite older terrier

Fiona Mullen

31.10.2022 20:39

Hi yes angela we do have room currently thanks for your enquiry.

Claire Conlon 0862400714

20.10.2022 18:30

Hi looking for doggy daycare for our mad friendly dog Lola a few days a week please thanks a million

Fiona Mullen

21.10.2022 16:22

Hi yes lola will need her vacinations up to date to include kennel cough just contact us to organise a start date


13.10.2022 13:57

Good afternoon. Just wondering if you would have availability from 23rd to 27th December for 2 dogs? They live together so are well used to each other’s company so don’t mind if they stay together

Fiona Mullen

15.10.2022 13:39

Hi yes we currently still have availability over xmas. Thanks

Rita Duignan

08.10.2022 22:49

Hi do you have a vacancy for a 12 year old female jack Russell/collie mix for 29th Oct to 7th Nov 2022 please? How much would it cost?

Fiona Mullen

11.10.2022 21:02

Hi Rita yes we currently have room it will be 15 euro a night. Thank you

Joann and Fran

18.09.2022 19:51

Many thanks for looking after Jock this weekend! We were nervous about him staying in kennels as we've found him to be aggressive with other dogs. He was completely at ease and in great form!

Fiona Mullen

18.09.2022 20:46

Hi you are very welcome he took it all in his stride all went very well for him. Thanks, fiona and paul

Aisling Eileen Harris

09.09.2022 17:26

Hello, do you have availability to take a small dog (jack russell) from 10/10/22 - 14/10/22?
Can I also please check how much this would be? Many thanks.

Fiona Mullen

09.09.2022 18:05

Yes we currently have availability and it is 15 euro a night

Piotr Wojdziak

27.08.2022 09:45

Hi thank you for reply. That's great news you have availability but is bit to expensive for me. My budget is only 300e. It's any chance you can reduce price?

Fiona Mullen

27.08.2022 10:15

Hi piotr the price for 2 dogs is 25 a week


25.08.2022 10:27

Hi do you have availability for 1 very small dog from 4/9/22-13/9/22. Also what are your daily rates.

Fiona Mullen

25.08.2022 10:48

Hi nicole currently we have room and it will be 15 euro a night. Thanks

Piotr wojdziak

22.08.2022 08:11

Hi how are you. We have 2 chocolate Labrador. We are going for holidays to Poland from 12 September to 3 October. Any places available and how much this will cost?

Fiona Mullen

25.08.2022 10:49

Hi piotr yes we currently have availability and it will be 25 euro a night. Thank you

Catherine Mulvihill

15.08.2022 18:40

Hi are you fully booked out from the 2nd of Sept to the 7th sept

Fiona Mullen

15.08.2022 20:04

Hi no we still have availability


12.07.2022 10:11

Hi Fiona,
Any availability for 2 labs from 19th - 26th Aug?

Ruth Purcell

12.07.2022 09:25

Hi would you have any availability for dog in kennels this Saturday 16th July for one night

Fiona Mullen

12.07.2022 09:58

Hi we are fully booked. Thanks for your enquiry

Rebekah Enright-Price

01.07.2022 09:13

Do you have any availability for our 2 labradors between the 22nd-26th August please? Thank you

Fiona Mullen

05.07.2022 13:06

Hi yes i can book them in please contact me on 0830037577 to confirm their names your name and mobile.

Kathleen Hollands

28.06.2022 20:15

Would you take a 8 month schnauzer over the Xmas period , the 20th to the 31st Dec 22

Fiona Mullen

05.07.2022 13:07

Hi Kathleen yes we can book your dog in. Can you contact me on 0830037577 to confirm the name , your name and contact number


27.06.2022 12:51

Hi I was wondering how much time in advance do you need to book a dog to stay. And also have you a price list. Thank you

Rachael Cunningham

20.06.2022 18:20

Hi there just wondering have you any availability for this Wed and Thurs night? Regards Rachael

Noel McDonnell

16.06.2022 08:43

Hi do you have availability for a Maltese girl 3 months from 1st to 4th of July? Thanks Noel

Stephen Deely

12.06.2022 21:49

I'm looking to book my British bulldog in for 5 days from Thursday 27th June

Fiona Mullen

13.06.2022 10:12

Hi stephen i have no room on the 27th 29th or 30th so unfortunatly cannot take your doggy.

Marie Feeney

02.06.2022 06:12

Thanks Fiona, can you book them in please. They will share a kennel but will need to be separated at feeding time, is that OK?

Fiona Mullen

02.06.2022 06:19

Hi marie that is all ok i well book them in. Thanks fiona

Marie Feeney

01.06.2022 21:31

Hi, have you availability for 2 dogs from 25-29 July please

Fiona Mullen

01.06.2022 21:47

Hi v yes if you message me or email us we can book them in. Thanks fiona

David mckeon

30.05.2022 11:35

Hi would I be able to book my dog in for 6 7 and 8th of June if possible
My dog name is kooky I called to you a few weeks ago as I'm book in end of August earp September

Fiona Mullen

30.05.2022 12:06

Hi david kooky is booked in for you just let me know a drop off time for the 6th june. Thanks very much fiona 0830037577

Samantha Barrett

02.05.2022 22:40

Hi I was looking for a price and if you had availability for a golden retriever for 4 nights from the 11th of May to the 15th of May

Fiona Mullen

03.05.2022 16:21

Hi samantha can you send on photo of vacines to 0830037577 and your dogs name and i will book him in for those dates

Samantha Barrett

03.05.2022 16:01

Hi Fiona that's great my dog is actually booked in for his annual booster and kennel cough injection early next week. I would love to book him in with you for the days requested. Thank you

Fiona Mullen

03.05.2022 09:20

Hi yes we have room and the price for 4 nights is 60. He will need all his vacinations to include kennel cough for entry to Happy Tails. Thank you

Margaret Taylor

02.05.2022 10:30

I just wanted to check if I was booking a dog in what I need to have done. He is an 8 month golden retriever he has had his vaccines. Do I have to get kennel cough treatment as well ?

Fiona Mullen

03.05.2022 09:18

Hi margaret yes they do need kennel cough done as well by their vet for entry into happy tails. Any other questions please ask


25.04.2022 19:24


Do you have any availability to mind two dogs for the night on Friday the 13th of may by any chance

Many thanks

Gerard Mullarkey

Fiona Mullen

03.05.2022 09:16

Hi Gerrard yes that is fine just message me on 0830037577 with their names and i will book them in thanks

Clare o leary

25.04.2022 16:25

Good evening
Was looking to put out 2 dogs in kennels from possibly the 28th of April for 12 nights. Not exactly sure of dates yet as have to organise cover in work.just wanted to know if u had room

Fiona Mullen

27.04.2022 13:04

Hi wecare fully booked for the bank holiday weekend would have availability for your dogs from 2nd may on


22.04.2022 11:08

Hi there, i have a border collie male, and I was looking for boarding him from 29 April to 1st May 2022.

Fiona Mullen

27.04.2022 13:06

Hi we are fully booked for the bank holiday weekend

Fiona Mullen

22.04.2022 11:20

Just contact me on 0830037577 to book him in. Thanks fiona


04.04.2022 14:21

Hi, our dog Myles is 1.5 years old, a border collie male, and I was looking for boarding him from 28Apr to 09 May. He is fully vaccinated.

Fiona Mullen

04.04.2022 15:15

Hi to book him in just contact us on 0433330804 or 0830037577 thanks

Carol Curtis

04.04.2022 07:29

Hi, Our Dog is Luna. A 2yr old Beagle. Female. I was looking for information about boarding for the Easter weekend. 15th Apr - 18th April.
Many thanks

Fiona Mullen

04.04.2022 07:45

Hi Carol we are fully booked for those dates. Thanks for your enquiry.

Joanne O gorman

29.03.2022 08:13

Hi It’s very last minute but I am looking for boarding for our dog Milo for one week from April 10th to 17th - he is a fully vaccinated 1 yr old thank you

Fiona Mullen

29.03.2022 13:08

Hi joanne can you ring me on 0830037577 thanks fiona


11.02.2022 23:45

Hi Fiona, just to say thanks a million for taking such great care of Missy (cat) last week!😻👏

fiona Mullen

you are very welcome eileen

21.03.2022 15:55

Jennifer Hall

09.02.2022 22:29

Hi, I have one 9yr old lab ( very good girl). Do you have a space for her from Feb 25 to mar 6? Let me know :) thanks

Fiona Mullen

09.02.2022 22:47

Hi jennifer, yes we do have room for her. To book just wats ap or message or call 0830037577


05.02.2022 16:58

Hi Have you availability for 1 medium dog for collection from Longford Town on Sunday 20th March, and drop home the following Sunday 27th?

Fiona Mullen

05.02.2022 19:13

Hi jane, yes we can do that. Ring 0830037577 or email us to book your dog in. Thank you 😊


14.01.2022 22:43

Hi Have you available dates from 24 th to 28th ?


02.01.2022 15:28

Hi there, do you have availability on the 19 Feb - 26th inclusive for 2 small dogs.

Maria McCarthy

Fiona Mullen

02.01.2022 15:38

Hi yes we currently still have availability for those dates


30.12.2021 13:37

Can I check if you have availability on Monday 3rd for four nights?

Fiona Mullen

30.12.2021 14:36

Hi anna yes we have availability please call us on 043 3330804 to book


18.12.2021 09:27

Do you have availability from 26 December to January 1st please for a small dog?


29.11.2021 21:08

Hi. Just wondering if you do doggy day care? Thanks.

Fiona Mullen

29.11.2021 21:18

Yes we have doggy daycare.

Elijah Abool

29.11.2021 15:58

Hi, I was wondering if you also take in cats and how much do you charge per night? Thanks

Fiona Mullen

29.11.2021 21:17

Hi we do and they are€10 a night.


28.10.2021 12:00

Hi, just wondering how much you charge for a cat per day


25.09.2021 19:23

How much full board for a dog for seven days . Thank you.


07.09.2021 12:04

Where are you located and is it possible to come to view your kennels

Carmel Hannon

08.08.2021 14:14

Hi, Looking to see if could visit and maybe try a day for 4 1/2month puppy. Thanks.

Fiona Mullen

08.08.2021 14:33

Hi carmel yes that is fine just lets know when you want to bring the puppy in and we will book it in. Phone us on 0830037577 to book your puppy into Happy Tails.

Therese Feeley

07.08.2021 20:09

Hi, we have a 5month old Berenese Mountain Dog & are looking for a home away from home when we are away.

Fiona Mullen

08.08.2021 14:23

Hi yes that will be grand phone me on 0830037577 and i will book him in for you. Thanks, fiona Happy Tails


04.07.2021 16:40

Hi there. Do you take a cat or is it all dogs?

Fiona Mullen

04.07.2021 16:55

Hi dympna we do take cats a max of two cats at a time. We have a large cattery. To book contact me on 0830037577. Thank u

Brenda Stack

03.07.2021 09:24

hi there , would you have a space for our 2yr old cocker spaniel for 4 nights from Aug 23rd ??

Fiona Mullen

04.07.2021 15:03

Hi brenda yes that is fine just ring or text me on 0830037577 and i will confirm you details. Thanks.


02.07.2021 12:17

Hi, do you have any availability Friday 30th - Monday 2nd August for a small 9 month old cavapoochon? We are going to centre parcs who have no dog accommodation left. Thanks, Noreen

Fiona Mullen

03.07.2021 07:43

Yes we can book your dog in, please ring my number 0830037577 to confirm details, thanks Fiona

Christine Duffy

29.06.2021 18:59

Hi could I check if you have any availability from 8/10 to 11/10 for our Tibetan terrier

Fiona Mullen

29.06.2021 19:19

Hi christine yes that will be fine text me on 0830037577 to confirm details

Tracey harte

22.06.2021 18:09

Hi just checking for a price for 3 nights and days for our Alfie 3 year

Fiona Mullen

29.06.2021 19:19

The price for 3 nights is €45

Brenda Murtagh

24.05.2021 22:42

Hi, I'm just wondering have you availability for our dog from Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th of june for our pup who will be 10 months old, she's a papillon, is neutered, has all vaccines

Carol Gentry

03.12.2020 16:16

Sorry not sure if you got messages.
I am looking for boarding for my 6 month old beagle either 20th to 24th dec. Or 18th to 21st dec either is good.

Fiona Mullen

06.12.2020 17:31

hi carol, yes both dates are fine. Please phone on 0830037577 to confirm what you would like to book and your dogs details. Thanks , fiona

Carol Gentry

03.12.2020 15:58

Sorry ir 18th - 21st dec either is good

Carol Gentry

03.12.2020 15:55

Ho I'm looking for boarding my 6 months old beagle for 20th - 24th dec.

Doreen Holloway

04.10.2020 18:47

Looking to book Ellie Yorkshire Terrier in for 3rd and 4th of January 2021?

Fiona Mullen

04.10.2020 18:51

Hi doreen, i will book her in just let me know a drop off time. Thanks fiona

Denise Delaney

04.10.2020 16:45

Hi looking to see if I could leave my cocker spaniel in from 6 November till 8 November he is a bit nervous of other dogs


07.09.2020 13:08

how much for small terrier trype dog 22descember to 3rd january 13 nights cheers mick

Fiona Mullen

18.09.2020 18:38

Hi mick the cost for 13 nights is €162.50 for one dog. Thanks, Fiona

Ros Morris

21.07.2020 21:21

Hi, I am looking for a Kennel to take our2 dogs for 3 nights soon
Would it be ok to come and visit , at a time that suits you

Cindy Prinsloo

02.02.2020 11:04

O and also, how much is daycare 5 days a week for 2. I would like to do this for a week or two before kenneling, to get them used to the place

Cindy Prinsloo

02.02.2020 11:01

I was wondering what heating is like during winter, my one dog is 15 and always cold (I have an electric blanket on my couch) and the Yorkie is small and I am just so protective 😢


07.01.2020 09:37

I would like to enquire if you provide a doggy daycare service ?
Is there facilities that I could drop off my dog during working hours and collect on the way home ? How much would this cost?

Fiona Mullen

08.01.2020 00:13

Hi yes we do have a doggy daycare service. Dogs come in from 8am in the morning and are collected in the evening. The price is €10 a day. Or €40 for 5 days a week.


30.10.2019 20:12

Hi how much for small dog terrier 18 December to 30th December 12 nights cheers

Fiona Mullen

31.10.2019 16:00

Hi michael, the price is €12.50 a night so will be €150 for 12 nights. To book message me on happytailsboardingkennels@gmail.com or text or call 0830037577

patricia phillips

27.10.2019 23:09

Hi, i know its early but im hoping to book Poppy and Buddy with you from July, 31st 2020 till August 12th, 2020. please let me know if this is possible and pricing

Fiona Mullen

28.10.2019 08:09

Hi patricia yes this is fine and it will be €20 a night for them. I will book them in now. You can ring me on 0830037577 thanks fiona


08.10.2019 12:42

How much do you charge per night for a cat.

Fiona Mullen

08.10.2019 18:02

Hi rose,
Currently we are redeveloping the cattery so it is unavailable. When it reopens next year it will be €8 a night

Duncan Mc Gregor Tompkins

17.09.2019 14:57

Looking for kennel for 12 days from next weds 25th for a medium sized dog. Do you have availability

Fiona Mullen

17.09.2019 15:21

Hi yes we have availability. If u want to ring or message us on 0830037577 to book your dog in. Best regards ,fiona


16.09.2019 11:33

Hi Do you take dogs in over Xmas period?

Fiona Mullen

Hi amy yes we are open all year round.

16.09.2019 11:43

Bernie Cotter

09.09.2019 12:11

Hi Can you take a medium house dog and a cat for one week from 26 September ... Lucy my dog is missing one vaccination and Bonnie is fully up to datw

Patriece Townsend

10.08.2019 12:47

Hi I was wondering how much you charge for two small dogs sharing the same kennel. Plus do you have availability on Thursday and Friday this week coming.

Pauline Flanagan

26.07.2019 19:08

Sorry and price per night?

Fiona Mullen

29.07.2019 10:28

Hi pauline for 3 dogs it will be €25 per night thsnks fiona

Pauline flanagan

26.07.2019 19:07

Have you room for 3 dogs from 30th July to 12th August. 2 King Charles and Maltese x .

Fiona Mullen

26.07.2019 19:09

Hi pauline yes we have room. To book them in ring or text me on 0830037577 with their names. Thanks

Virginia McEnroe

25.07.2019 17:53

Sorry I meant the 5th to the 14th August, apologies.

Virginia McEnroe

25.07.2019 17:50

Hi, I wanted to enquire if you had availability for 6th to 14th August for a 9 month old male King Charles. If you let me know and price I would really appreciate it. Thanks Virginia

Fiona Mullen

25.07.2019 18:43

Hi yes we have availability and the price will be €12.50 a night. If u wish to book your dog in message me on 0830037577 thanks

trish phillips

14.07.2019 02:31

Hi, would you have availability for 1 large and 1 medium dog from 30.07.2019-03.082019 and cost? thank you.

Fiona Mullen

14.07.2019 17:01

Hi trish that would be fine. The price for two dogs for more than two night stay is €20 a night. To book message me on 0830037577

Michelle Mullan

04.07.2019 16:24

Hi just enquiring if you would have a overnight space available for a large puppy on Sat 13th July he is fully vaccinated and has the kennel cough jab m

Fiona Mullen

05.07.2019 15:17

Hi michelle yes that will be fine text me on 0830037577 with his name and i will book him in thanks fiona


23.06.2019 09:47

Just wondering how much would it be to board a small yorkie for a month, starting the end of July?

Fiona Mullen

23.06.2019 10:11

Hi Virginia, i sent you an email 🙂

Lynda Pearce

18.06.2019 14:03

Hi Fiona, I’m just wondering if you have any availability in July 1st to 4th. For one dog.

Fiona Mullen

18.06.2019 15:15

Hi lynda i know flash for sure 😉 that is all grand c u on the 1st look forward to it 🙂🐶 see u at 4pm

Lynda Pearce

18.06.2019 14:56

Super Fiona. It’s Flash ( of training classes infamy) he’s now 18months and still a total giddy goat. Possibly part kangaroo! If I drop him about 4 on the Monday is that ok?

Fiona Mullen

18.06.2019 14:40

Hi linda, that will be fine text me your dogs name and drop off time on 0830037577. Thanks fiona

Linda Scanlon

29.05.2019 10:46

Hi, I was wondering please if you have any availability for my three dogs from 24th June to 3rd July, keeping them together if possible please. Thanks, Linda

Fiona Mullen

29.05.2019 10:52

Hi linda that will be fine please ring me on 0830037577 to confirm their details. Best regards fiona

Fiona Mullen

23.05.2019 12:00

Hi we are full for cats on those dates sorry

Sharon Cullen

23.05.2019 11:46

Hi would it be possible to book our cat Bertie in for a stay on Sun 28th July to Tues 6th August?and how much would it be?

Nick holton

11.04.2019 19:07

Looking for boarding for our 4 Cavaliers and German shepherd from the 18th April for up to 1 month my wife attend each day to feed and walk can you provide a quote please Nick

Fiona Mullen

11.04.2019 19:23

Hi nick can you email me please to happytailsboardingkennels@gmail.com thanks fiona

Andrea Oliver

07.03.2019 20:25

Hi Fiona, would you have space for my small Terrier Mix dog Arnold? It's from March 14 to 23.


19.12.2018 13:00

Just enquiring about prices for one night for my dog delco. Akita and collie mix. Thank you


19.12.2018 13:05

Hi helen, the price for a one and twon night stay is €15 a night from the first of january 2019. For 3 nights and over is €12.50 a night. Thanks fiona

Michael Nash

12.10.2018 20:24

Hi Fiona - we had Bailey with you at the end of June. Just wondering if you can take him again from Sunday 28th October until Wednesday 31st? Thanks, Mick 087 6175850

Fiona Mullen

12.10.2018 20:32

Have texted u Mick.🙂

Gillian Clark

09.07.2018 17:29

Hi Fiona, just saw your post re basic dog training and socialization and ringcraft. Do you think Barney would benefit from these classes? He’s five years old now. What is the cost and what’s ringcraft


09.07.2018 17:34

Hi gillian i think he would from the training and ringcraft too. The class is 5 for an hour and a cup of tea/coffee after. Its about learning and having fun with your dog. X


07.07.2018 18:38

Hi..wud u have availability for Sonny for 7-14Aug 2018..Michael Brodie..0879231874


20.06.2018 12:22

Hi would u have availability for 9/10 of July


20.06.2018 12:44

Yes we have room for dogs we are full for cats. To book ring me on 0830037577


13.06.2018 14:59

How much for 3 dogs 2 King Charles and Maltese x for 10 nights 4 th - 14th August thanks Pauline flanagan


13.06.2018 16:46

Hi Pauline it will be €25 a night for 3 dogs so for 10 nights will be €250. Best regards, Fiona

Angela Lawless

03.06.2018 17:49

Hi Fiona, would you have availability to take my little terrier for this Friday and the following Friday for 1 night please? Tjamks


03.06.2018 17:54

Hi angela that is fine text me on his name on 0830037577 thanks fiona 🐶☺

Andrea Oliver

26.04.2018 20:06

Do you have any space for two cats May 3 until the 9th? How much would that be? Thanks!


26.04.2018 20:10

Hi andrea yes we do have space and for two cats for six nights would be €60.

Denise Delaney

11.11.2017 15:34

Hi how much to mind bichon for three nights and do I have to get him vaccinated for kennel cough


11.11.2017 15:47

3 nights will cost €37.50 . Yes he would need his vaccinations up to date and also kennel cough. Best regards fiona


09.08.2017 12:18

Hi. I'm looking for a price for our two 4 month old jack Russel x pups. They are brother and sister and have never been apart so they would need to be housed together. All vacs are up to date. thanks.

Aideen Brennan

05.06.2017 13:46

Hi I am looking to see if you have availability for a yorkie and a maltese/ bichon mix for 9 nights from this Friday?


05.06.2017 14:04

Hi Aideen can you email me on happytailsboardingkennels@gmail.com or phone 0830037577 thank you

Clare coen

09.03.2017 20:43

Hi I want to book in my cocker spaniel puppy Bella in for the 9th of Aug to the 18th pleases contact me on 0877386039 thanks


05.06.2017 14:05

Hi Clare can you email happytailsboardingkennels@gmail.com

Miriam Burke

20.02.2017 18:01

I'm wondering if you have room for 2 dogs from from 17th Aug to the 20th
Thanks miriam


Hi miriam, that is fine if u would message me on 0830037577 or email happytailsboardingkennels@gmail.com to book them in.

20.02.2017 18:19

jenny mckeown

20.02.2017 12:43

Hi, we have boarded our two dogs Gem and Ben with you before(two photos of them on your website) we have a third now would you be able to accommodate the three of them from 28th June- 7thJuly17


20.02.2017 13:17

Hi jenny, that is fine message me on 0830037577 with all the details and I will book them in or email happytailsboardingkennels@gmail.com thanks

Tina Byrne

05.02.2017 15:57

Hi I'm just wondering would you have a vacancies for two small dogs on the 1st April?


05.02.2017 16:49

Hi tina we have room. To book them in please ring us on 0433330804 or email happytailsboardingkennels@gmail.com or message our facebook page. Thank you 😊

Gerry Farrell

23.01.2017 19:40

would like to see if you have any vacancies
for the dates
11 feb-16 feb I live in lanes borough


23.01.2017 20:34

Hi Gerry, we do have vacancies for those dates if you want to book in the number is 043 3330804/0830037577 of happytailsboardingkennels@gmail.com

Eadaoin Smyth

05.07.2016 20:05

Hi, was just wondering if you have any availability for the 16th to the 23rd of this month

Helen murtagh

12.05.2016 13:11

Do you have to register? What day do you intend holding them. I'm interested in bringing my 4 month old pup. Thank you. It's a brilliant idea.


20.10.2015 10:21

Hi Fiona! Just confirming Billy's booking for this weekend (Sat and Sun night). We'll be down around lunchtime/early afternoon on Sat. Look forward to seeing you again! Miriam Molloy


Hi Miriam, Billy is booked in for this weekend. See you on Saturday.

20.10.2015 12:05

Miriam Molloy

06.09.2015 19:52

Hi Fiona. Just wondering if you have availability for Billy on October Bank Hol weekend? If so could I book him in for Sat and Sun night? (24/25th). Regards Miriam Molloy


Hi Miriam, I have booked him in see you then

06.09.2015 20:21

laura hoban

03.07.2014 16:14

What's the price per night stay, what's needed to bring with your pet...my guy is wary until warms up to you and other pets..he bonds with women better..


04.07.2014 09:57

Hi Laura, all our prices are on the about happy tails page. You don't need to bring anything with your pet but if you want to bring your pets things that is fine whatever makes them happy.

Nuala Donlon

17.05.2014 22:34

My Katie loves being in Happy Tails. Thanks Fiona and Paul for taking such great care of her.

Madge O'Neill

09.04.2014 11:31

My dog Charlie is a regular of Happy Tails but when I left him there yesterday I was so pleased to see the results of the recent upgrade to the Kennels and the Play Areas - they are first class standard. Fiona and Paul are both excellent dog handlers and

Latest comments

03.11 | 20:49

Do you have availability at Xmas for my Yorkshire terrier. 16th Dec to 2nd jam.

31.10 | 20:39

Hi yes angela we do have room currently thanks for your enquiry.

31.10 | 13:46

Have you availability from 11 nov till 4 Jan
For very quite older terrier

21.10 | 16:22

Hi yes lola will need her vacinations up to date to include kennel cough just contact us to organise a start date

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